The OCT pullback of the RCA proximal lesion showed a significant stenosis with fibrous plaque and fibroatheroma. Distal reference vessel had a mean lumen diameter of 3.14 mm and a mean of external elastic lamina (EEL) of 4.02 mm. Proximal reference showed a mean lumen diameter of 3.44 mm and a mean EEL of 4.28 mm. The lesion length was 12.0 mm. An appropriate stent size should be 3.25 mm on the basis of luminal measurement, while it should be 3.75 mm according to EEL. 3.5/12-mm drug eluting stent was implanted on operator’s discretion.





Post stent OCT showed a good stent expansion and apposition. In-stent dissections around the 35 mm mark of the video were observed but stent edge dissection was not detected by the OCT pullback. These OCT findings confirm the successful stent deployment and did not warrant additional post dilation

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