OCT Case Review


Rotational atherectomy of calcified Left Main and LAD lesions

A 58-year old male, who presented with unstable angina and underwent PCI of acutely occluded RCA three weeks earlier, now presents for a staged PCI of the LM and LAD. Coronary angiography before PCI showed a 50-60% stenosis of the distal LM and 80-90% bifurcation lesion in the LAD with 30-50% stenosis in the D2 […]...read more

Published on: 04-Dec-2018

ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction arising from plaque erosion

A 59-year-old male with no medical history arrived at emergency department due to sudden onset of chest pain radiating to back and shoulder. The ECG showed ST-elevation in leads V2-3 and an emergent coronary angiography revealed a total occlusion of the mid LAD.(Fig. 1, arrow)....read more

Published on: 26-Apr-2018

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